GAO Report Highlights Controlled Substance Disposal Struggles in Hospice

In response to Section 3223 of the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, the Government Accountability Office released a 21-page report in April that outlined findings of a review conducted around controlled substance disposal in home hospice. Throughout the duration of end-of-life care, there is increased utilization of controlled substances for palliative care and pain relief, often leaving unused controlled substances unattended upon death of the beneficiary. State laws varied prior to the enactment of a SUPPORT Act provision that allowed qualified hospice programs to collet and destroy decedents remaining medications.

Six of the seven hospice programs contacted as part of the report indicated they were actively disposing of leftover controlled substances with the remaining program awaiting promulgation of state law granting such authority. The report identified several best practices for qualified hospice program disposal, including:

  • Active prescription drug counts to ensure appropriate utilization;
  • Use of lock-boxes to limit access where diversion may be suspected; and
  • Include a witness for the disposal of unused controlled substances.

Difficulties in disposal were identified around the issues of cost, lack of witness, and variances between state and federal law.

Articles & Resources

Government Accountability Office – Preventing Drug Diversion: Disposal of Controlled Substances in Home Hospice Settings (Report)

Two Cases Identified for 2021 ‘Track Three’ Opioid MDL

On Thursday, US District Judge for the Northern District of Ohio Dan Aaron Polster identified two particular cases in Lake and Trumbull Counties that would serve as additional bellwethers around claims that the pharmacy-defendants knowingly dispensed inappropriate quantities of prescription opioids and other controlled substances. Given the pending trial in Cleveland County later this year, the pharmacy defendants argued against the need for such bellwether earlier in the week.

Judge Polster’s decision to expand the bellwethers to these two counties follows an April 15th ruling on the Sixth Circuit that removed dispensing allegations from the November 2020 bellwether trial in Cleveland County resulting in the complaint focusing squarely around opioid distribution. Additional bellwethers are also set to proceed in Oklahoma and California concurrently.

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What We Read Last Week

Several articles were published last week pertaining to the opioid epidemic, covering a variety of different components of the issue. Links to relevant articles are provided below.

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