US House Select Committee Releases Report on China’s Role in Fentanyl Epidemic

On April 16, the Select Committee on the CCP released its findings on China’s ongoing involvement in the U.S. fentanyl crisis. The investigation concluded China directly subsidizes the manufacturing and exporting of illegal fentanyl materials, provides monetary grants and awards to companies that are openly trafficking fentanyl materials, that the government has an ownership interest in several of the involved companies, fails to prosecute fentanyl and precursor manufacturers, and allows for open foreign sale of the precursor materials online—while censoring domestically. Since 2023 there have been ongoing discussions with the Chinese government to reduce the illegal sale and manufacturing of precursor chemicals and fentanyl into the U.S. Despite these conversations the investigations findings suggests that more needs to be done. The report recommends the establishment of a joint task force to counter opioids, support law enforcement and intelligence offices, strengthen sanctions, enact trade and customs enforcement measures, and close regulatory gaps.

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The Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and The Chinese Communist Party—The CCP’s Role in the Fentanyl Crisis

AP—Biden, Xi met for hours and agreed to ‘pick up phone’ for any urgent concerns: ‘That’s progress’

Second Chance Reauthorization Act Introduced in US House

On April 16th, a group of bipartisan legislators introduced legislation to reauthorize the Second Chance Act of 2007. The bill would reauthorize funding for 5 years. The legislation is centered on reentry services following incarceration. Among the services are treatments for Substance Use Disorder, providing overdose education and reversal medications, and grants for family-based substance abuse treatment. Sponsor Rep. Carol Miller (WV) commented upon introduction, “ The Second Chance Reauthorization Act is an important component of my efforts to reduce recidivism rates and increase public safety. When we invest in our communities and put in place strong reentry services and supports for people released from prisons and jails, we build stronger and safer communities…The bill’s strengthened provisions around transitional housing services and substance abuse treatment will be instrumental in helping people in West Virginia and across the nation get back on the right path as they reenter their communities.”

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H.R.8028—To reauthorize the Second Chance Act of 2007

Bill text

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