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This meeting featured discussion of physician impact on the opioid epidemic, the 2018 CEPOP Agenda, the next step for the President’s Opioid Commission & Public Health Emergency, and the FDA Packaging, Storage, and Disposal Initiative.

The CEPOP All-Participants Monthly Teleconference took place Monday, January 29 from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET.

Below is the agenda of the items covered and a downloadable copy of the agenda document.


I. Welcome

II. Focus Topics

A. The “Death Diaries” – A Physician’s Impact on the Opioid Epidemic
Dr. Roneet Lev, Director of Operations, Scripps Mercy Emergency Department, San Diego

B. DISCUSSION: Review of Proposed 2018 CEPOP Agenda (SurveyMonkey Poll on Priorities)

III. Advocacy and Policy Priorities

A. Budget Strategy

i. Proposed ONDCP Budget Cuts

B. Federal Response

i. Next Step for the President’s Opioid Commission & Public Health Emergency

iii. FDA, CMS, DEA Meetings

IV. Working Groups

A. Takeback and Anti-Diversion

i. Policy Initiatives

  1. FDA Packaging, Storage, and Disposal Initiative
  2.  GAO Report Follow-Up

B. Safe Use and Prevention

i. Policy Initiatives

  1. Recap of January 11th SUD Treatment & Recovery Services Roundtable
  2. Proposed Roundtable on Safer Pain Management

V. Organizational Updates: Sharing Intel, Participant News and Updates

A. New Participant

B. Weekly Opioid Policy Update Email

Next CEPOP All Participants Teleconference: Monday, February 26, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

Download the agenda.