CDC and NIH Review Use of Medication for Opioid Use Disorder

On August 7th, JAMA Network Open published Use of Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Among Adults With Past-Year Opioid Use Disorder in the US, 2021. Key researchers at the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reviewed 2021 data on the national prevalence of medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) and where MOUD approach is lacking. Researchers found that women, black adults, and unemployed individuals in nonmetropolitan areas were less likely to receive MOUD and that telehealth treatment for substance use has increased access to MOUD. Researchers recommend continued policy, programmatic, and clinical initiatives to tackle disparities in access to treatment.

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JAMA Network Open—Use of Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Among Adults With Past-Year Opioid Use Disorder in US, 2021

Senator Tester Leads Senate Letter to FDA on Safe Disposal Policies

Earlier this month Senator Jon Tester (MT) led a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding their policy on prepaid mail-back envelopes to return unused opioids. The Senator is urging FDA to allow at-home disposal options for rural and tribal communities that do not have consistent or reliable postal services. The Senator stated in his letter, “Our constituents in rural areas do not always have regular mail access and any policy that focuses solely on mail-only disposal creates an undue burden for those individuals to safely remove opioids from their homes.” This letter follows FDA’s policy from April that requires manufacturers to provide pre-paid mail-back envelopes to pharmacies dispensing opioid analgesics in outpatient settings.

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Senator Jon Tester—Senator leads letter prompting discussions with rural, tribal communities to develop safe disposal policies for prescription opioids

What We Read Last Week

Several articles were published last week pertaining to the opioid epidemic, covering a variety of different components of the topic. Links to relevant articles are provided below.

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CNN—Supreme Court blocks $6 billion opioid settlement that would have given the Sackler family immunity

Reuters—Teva agrees to pay $126 million to US hospitals over opioids

STAT—Nonprofit naloxone maker celebrates FDA approval by donating 200,000 doses

Washington Post—As opioid deaths mount, D.C. is waiting to spend settlement money

White House—ONDCP Statement on New Sanctions Against Sinaloa Cartel Fentanyl Suppliers

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