HHS Awards Grants for Youth Mental Health and Expanding Access to Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded $88 million in grants to programs dedicated to improving youth mental health and expanding access to substance use disorder (SUD) treatments. These grants fall under the HHS’ Overdose Prevention Strategy and the Biden-Harris Administration’s National Drug Control Strategy. On the grants, Secretary of HHS Xavier Becerra said, “The United States is currently facing an unprecedented mental health crisis, with young people being especially impacted. These grant programs will help all Americans get the support and care they need.” Below is a breakdown of how funds were dispersed to SUD programs and a summary of each program.

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HHS—The Biden-Harris Administration Awards More Than $88 Million in Grants that Safeguard Youth Mental Health and Expand Access to Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

NGA Releases Roadmap to Tackle Drug Overdose Epidemic

Last week the National Governors Association (NGA) released a roadmap for Governors and state officials with recommendations for developing an overdose prevention strategy to combat the overdose epidemic. The roadmap includes evidence-based recommendations for states to consider as they to address concerns in five key health services categories: foundations, prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery. The recommendations support federal, state and local involvement, community engagement, and perception adjustment. The roadmap also highlights best practices from 10 states. NGA’s last roadmap was released in 2016 and focused on heroin, and this version has been updated to include evolving concerns such as the increase in illegally manufactured fentanyl and increases in overdoses of minors.

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NGA—NGA Releases Roadmap for Tackling Overdose Epidemic

NGA—Implementing Best Practices Across The Continuum of Care to Prevent Overdose

NGA—A Roadmap for Governors: Implementing Best Practices Across the Continuum of Care to Prevent Overdose (PDF)

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