Youth Prevention and Recovery Reauthorization Act Introduced in US Senate

Senators Shelly Moore Capito (WV) and Gary Peters (MI) introduced the Youth Prevention and Recovery Reauthorization Act, which would support the reauthorization of funding for a Department of Health and Human Services grant program that expands access to opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment for adolescents. The funding would support hospitals, local governments, and other programs to increase access opioid addiction medications for teens and young adults with an OUD diagnosis. The funding is also intended to improve local efforts to bring awareness to the risks of fentanyl and provide training to and share best practices with providers, families, and school personnel to support minors with OUD. Dr. Larissa Mooney, President of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, was quoted in the press release saying, “We applaud Senator Peters and Senator Capito for their commitment to expanding access to life saving substance use disorder treatment for youth and adolescents, particularly for racially and ethnically marginalized populations. Research supports treating patients, including youth, with opioid use disorders with FDA-approved medications as the gold standard and we believe this legislation is a critical first step towards improving access to services and better outcomes.”

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Press Release—In case you missed it: Capito, Peters Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Expand Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment for Adolescents

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SAVE IMD Options Act Also Introduced

On October 19th, Senators John Thune (SD), Maggie Hassan (NH), and Blackburn (TN) introduced the Securing Advances and a Variety of Evidence-Based (SAVE) Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) Options Act. The bill establishes a state option plan in Medicaid to provide patients ages 21-64 with substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Currently, federal law does not allow for Medicaid funds to be used for treatment at IMDs. The bill would permanently expand treatment access to allow for IMDs, hospitals, nursing facilities, and other institutions to treat for SUD and other mental health issues. Senator Blackburn noted, “Since 2021, Tennessee has leveraged the Institutions for Mental Diseases state option to deliver critical treatment and support individuals suffering from substance use disorders…Making this state option permanent and breaking down barriers to comprehensive care would be a major step in the right direction as we address substance us disorders across our nation.”

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Press Release—Thune Hassan, Blackburn Introduce the SAVE IMD Options Act

Bill Text

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