Source: CEPOP

This monthly call featured discussion of goal setting for 2017 action plans and consensus planning activities.

The CEPOP All-Participants Monthly Teleconference took place Wednesday, December 14th, from 1 – 4 p.m. ET.

Below is the agenda of the items covered and a downloadable copy of the agenda document.


I. Welcome and Goals

II. Progress in 2016

A. Advocacy

B. Best Practices

C. Awareness

D. Operations

III. Working Group Inputs

A. Take-Back and Anti-Diversion

B. Safe Use and Prevention

IV. 2017 Agenda

A. Survey Results and Other Inputs: Emphasis on Prevention

B. Open Discussion: Organizational Priorities

C. Consensus-Building for Action in 2017

i. Focus Areas

ii. Resources

V. Moving Forward

A. Next Steps

B. Conclusion