Source: CEPOP

This monthly call featured discussion of policy topics including the Addiction Trajectory, CARA+, and the Federal Funding Strategy.

The CEPOP All-Participants Monthly Teleconference took place Monday, July 25th, from 3 – 4 p.m. ET.

Below is the agenda of the items covered and a downloadable copy of the agenda document.


I. Policy

A. Focus Topic: The Addiction Trajectory
Dr. Jon E. Zibbell. Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

B. Advocacy Items

i. CARA+

ii. Federal Funding Strategy: Post-CARA Enactment

II. Working Groups

A. Take-Back and Anti-Diversion

i. Supply Chain Integrity Congressional Briefing

B. Safe Use and Prevention

i. Co-Chairs Named

III. Organizational

A. New Participant: Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse (MAPDA)

B.CEPOP Salutes: Innovation and Leadership in Response to the Opioid Epidemic

C. Upcoming CEPOP Events

i. Minnesota Forum

ii. CEPOP/Gannett Partnership

Next Call: Monday, August 29th, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.