CEPOP All Participants Meeting Agenda – July 2017

This monthly call featured discussion of a prescription drug monitoring program in Missouri, fighting the opioid crisis in rural communities, prescription rates for opioids, a recap of policy priorities and events, and more.

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CEPOP All Participants Meeting Agenda – June 2017

This in-person meeting featured discussion of NIH Public-Private initiatives to address the opioid crisis, the Center for Disease Control's campaign on opioid abuse, advocacy and policy priorities, working group and organizational updates, and more.

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CEPOP FY2018 Appropriations Letters to the U.S House and Senate

The letters, addressed to the chairs and ranking members of the appropriations committees in both bodies, highlight the work of CEPOP, identify the current state of the opioid crisis ravaging the country, and advocated for funding for several programs related to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, local and regional grants and other relevant policy considerations.

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CEPOP ICER ADF Draft Report Comment Letter

The letter from CEPOP maintains the draft report could significantly impede access to abuse deterrent formulations of opioids and recommends suspension of the project or further additional assessments.

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CEPOP All Participants Meeting Agenda – May 2017

This monthly call featured discussion of policy topics related to the President's Commission Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, federal policy priorities, recent and upcoming related events and updates from participants.

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